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Quick Draw For Millwork V5.0
For AutoCAD® Releases 2004 & Up

$1,899.00 U.S.D.
Quick Draw For Millwork is a suite of programs
designed to run inside of AutoCAD. With these
programs you can cut your drafting time down
dramatically. Sometimes companies get behind
and have to outsource drawing. With this
drafting software you can cut down the time it
takes to draw most millwork and casework. This
cad software is also great for the small cabinet
shops that can't afford a drafting department full
of seasoned cad operators. Quick Draw will help
you get your submittal drawings and shop
drawings out faster. From the large architectural
millwork companies to the individual
cabinetmaker Quick Draw can help. AutoCAD
software is very powerful, and sometimes
complex. With our drawing software we cut down
the time consuming learning curve and make it
simple. Quick Draw is designed for companies
and individual draftsmen who want to save time
on their drawings. The developers of Quick
Draw have been in the millwork industry for over
20 years and understand the value of time as
well as money.
QD  3D Solid Multi-Stretch  Utility
For AutoCAD® Releases 2000 & Up.

$50.00 U.S.D

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The Quick Draw 3D Stretch utility for AutoCAD
full versions 2000 and up, allows the user to
perform single or multiple stretches on 3D
solids. Stretch one solid or an assembly of
solids to whatever dimension you require. The
QD3D Stretch works just like AutoCAD’s regular
stretch command or Express Tools multi-stretch
utility. If you work in 3D this utility will be an
invaluable tool in you arsenal.
AutoCAD Training

$50.00 U.S.D Per Hr.

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All AutoCAD training is done over the internet
using TeamViewer or a similar software that
allows us to see each others screen. All voice
contact is done over the phone, so that limits
training to the Continental U.S.A or Canada. All
training is designed around your needs form
beginner to expert. All sessions are scheduled
around your time table making it more
productive for you and due to the fact that we
can see each others screen you will learn faster
with this hands on technique.
Drafting Services

Prices Vary

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JMH Drafting has an experienced staff of
Draftsmen that have all worked in the Millwork
Industry for over 20 years. We all started as
shop helpers and worked our way up through
the ranks, from shop help to shop supervisors,
from draftsman to estimators and project
managers. Like you, we have improved our craft
the old fashion way, by getting your hands dirty
and eating sawdust for breakfast, lunch and
quite often a midnight snack.
We all have had to deal with General
Contractors and Architects who want the shop
drawings submitted yesterday. When working
with JMH Drafting, you’re not working with
Draftsmen; you’re working with Millwork
Engineers. We know what it takes to get a
project out A.S.A.P.
No project is too large or too small. Whether you
need basic shop drawings, highly details
drawings that require extensive engineering or
3D design drawings, we have the experience to
get the job done.